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Erin Pawlowski is the Founder and President of Lagniappe Marketing + Strategy. Erin has over 10 years of experience working in sales and marketing. Erin previously worked in the corporate world supporting global luxury hotels and properties. Erin also completed a quick stint with a digital agency, working with the United States Postal Service. It was there that Erin learned government work is not her cup of tea.

Currently, Erin proudly serves on the Board of Directors as Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Hannah's House.


Some of Erin's more well-known accolades include: Professional Coffee Drinker. Creator. Avid Reader. Grammar Enthusiast. Chief Organizer. Amateur Toddler Negotiator.

Founded in December 2016, Lagniappe Marketing + Strategy was created based on a passion to help entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations. We want to be the change in helping to create a more accepting, more powerful, more considerate world. Unlike other agencies, Lagniappe Marketing + Strategy prioritizes building relationships with our clients so that we can create a growth plan together; we must click as business partners in order to work with one another.

As our name suggests, Lagniappe Marketing + Strategy strives to think creatively about growing your businesses in order to achieve the most success. We help you craft a story for your audience. We help you identify your great offering to the universe. We make sure you're having coffee with the right decision marker.

about erin

I would love to learn more about you and the business you're trying to build. Please drop me a line.

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